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What if My Company Isn’t Paying Minimum Wage?

In 2021 new minimum wage mandates were released in California, requiring employers with 26 or more employees to pay $14 an hour. If employers have 25 or fewer employees, they have to pay $13 an hour. However, many cities and countries have minimum wage ordinances that are higher than the states’. Additionally, several of these city and county minimum wage ordinances went into effect in July 2021.

  • Alameda County ($15 per hour)
  • Los Angeles County ($15 per hour)
  • Orange County (same as the state)
  • Sacramento County (same as the state)
  • San Diego County (same as the state)
  • San Franciso County ($16.32 per hour)
  • South San Franciso ($15.24 per hour)

If a city or county minimum wage is higher than the state minimum wage, employers should comply.

My Employer Isn’t Paying Minimum Wage — Now What?

If your employer isn’t paying the state minimum wage, there are steps you can take.

  1. Let your employer know: some employers may not be aware that they are paying below the minimum wage. Rather than notify your employer verbally, put this in writing (such as an email) to keep a paper trail of your request and what your employer says should they respond.
  2. Look into filing a claim: if your employer acknowledges that they are paying under minimum wage or does not respond to your notification that they are underpaying, you could then have grounds to file a claim. There is usually a form for you to fill out, and if your claim is deemed valid by the California Chamber of Commerce, then the agency could pursue your employer. However, the California Chamber of Commerce does not provide legal advice.
  3. Hire an attorney to represent you: having a legal team standing by your side can make a difference as you fight to get your owed money.

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