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Clocking In/Out Violations

It is illegal for an employer to require an employee to perform any work-related tasks before clocking in. This includes getting in or out of uniform or running errands. When it comes to Alternative Workweek Schedules, like Four-day ten-hour and three-day 12-hour workweeks, employers must either pay overtime or approve the schedule via employee ballot. Absentee ballots are not permitted.

Employees working an alternative workweek schedule are owed overtime pay if they work over eight hours and are required to work fewer hours than those that are regularly scheduled by the alternative workweek agreement. If an employee shows up to work, they must be provided at least half their regular shift. The employee also can’t be sent home without being paid for at least a half day’s shift (no less than 2 hours but not exceeding 4 hours).

Minimum pay for callback work like mandatory meetings and special arrangements for visitors is two hours, regardless of how much work the employee performs, except for regularly scheduled meetings where the employee is furnished work and paid for at least half the scheduled time. Lastly, it is illegal for employers to credit tips toward the minimum wage. Tips also can’t be retained by the employer or salaried manager.

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